The Duck Store: Rewards Program

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Encouraging Customer Loyalty

When I joined The Duck Store team in 2014, the topic of a loyalty program always floated around the organization. Several years later, after looking at various over-priced solutions which didn’t meet all of The Duck Store’s needs, I saw the opportunity with our new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software (Oracle NetSuite) to create an in-house solution.

Brand Summary

Since 1920, the University of Oregon Bookstore/The Duck Store has served the book and supply needs of the University of Oregon.

With locations in Eugene and Portland, The Duck Store advances and fosters the educational goals of the University of Oregon by creating an enduring sense of community among all Ducks — past, present and future.

Project Overview

By and large, The Duck Store needed a loyalty program that encouraged customer purchases in-store and online. By integrating the point of sale, the ERP,, and an in-house proprietary application to handle processing transactions, I designed a program that exceeded The Duck Store’s initial goals. The Rewards program, in just five months, saw 22k signups and $3M+ revenue earned in-store and online. Each year after, The Duck Store has seen a 13% growth in Rewards customers and a 16% increase in Rewards transaction revenue.

And, since the launch in August 2019, I’ve worked with The Duck Store’s Marketing department to iterate and improve on the program.

  • Timeframe

    • 2019-Ongoing
  • Client

    • The Duck Store
  • Website

  • Services

    • Application Architecture
    • UX/UI
    • Product Design
    • Development
    • Strategy
Designing for white-label

Developing a Point System

For the initial rollout, The Duck Store wanted to implement a yearly 5% payout similar to REI’s because The Duck Store was originally a co-op. From a technical standpoint, I needed to ensure that all sales, discounts, returns, and ineligible classes of products gave the correct amount of points to each customer.

I developed a solution which processed transactions in the ERP and submitted data to a proprietary application I designed using Node.js, React.js, and MongoDB. The application not only updated customer points server-side, but it also provided a dashboard for employees to securely manage points.`

Rewards Program - Browser
A Happy Customer Experience

A Happy Customer Experience

Serving the customer, and providing a great customer experience, is one of the core tenets of The Duck Store. I kept this mindset in mind when designing how customers would be able to access, and use, their Rewards credit.

Pre-Pandemic, I loved going into Starbucks and having them scan my loyalty card to earn points. I wanted to replicate the magic of that experience in-store at The Duck Store, so I designed functionality to generate unique barcodes for the yearly 5% credit.

As a result, customers now are not only able to access their barcodes in their account section online, but they will receive their credit via email. Both distribution methods make it easy–and fun–for the customers to shop in-store.

Technology Used

Technology Used

React.js, Node.js, and SuiteScript (proprietary Oracle Netsuite scripting language)